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Assurance Framework

GFirst LEP has been successful in securing £77.5m from the Single Local Growth Fund to invest in projects in Gloucestershire. This section of our website holds all the relevant information about the GFirst LEP Assurance Framework; the governance required by Government that details how we will assure the management and delivery of our Growth Deal funding and projects.

In July 2014, the GFirst LEP Growth Deal was announced by Government. This committed £62.5m to the GFirst LEP area, and an additional £15m was committed in January 2015.

In December 2014, guidance was produced on the LEP Assurance Framework, detailing how LEPs (through their Growth Deals) would "develop a single assurance framework covering all Government funding flowing through LEPs, to ensure LEPs have robust value for money processes in place". (LEP Assurance Framework, HMG, December 2014)

The document made clear that the purpose of the framework is to "support the developing confidence in delegating funding from central budgets and programmes via a single pot mechanism". The GFirst LEP Assurance Framework sets out how growth schemes funded through the LEP are selected and delivered to ensure maximum impact and best value for money. 

The Assurance Framework was reviewed and updated in February 2017.

Assurance Framework Documents

GFirst LEP SEP Assurance Framework Final

Annex B LEP Growth and Governance

Annex C Bodies in AF

Annex D SEP AF Project and Fund Mgt Process

Annex E ESIF Business Process

Annex F Local Growth Fund agt 2015 Final

Annex G Due Diligence Process

Annex J Transport B Case Guidance AF

Annex K 5 Cases Methodology

Annex L Programme Risk Management Process

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