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Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

Lucy Ackland

Renishaw plc

Lucy joined Renishaw as an apprentice at the age of 16, since then she has completed an engineering apprenticeship, achieved a first class honours degree, won the Womens Engineering Society prize at the IET’s young woman engineer of the year awards and has led a design team in developing Renishaw’s next generation metal 3D printer. In her current role, Lucy manages a number of early research projects for Renishaw’s Group Engineering division, whilst committing large amounts of her free time to inspiring the UK’s next generation of engineers. She is also a Director & Trustee of Young Engineers, a charity which provides real-world experiences for all UK school students.

Harry Anderton

Helipebs Controls Ltd

Kathrin Beckerleg

Delphi Diesel Systems Ltd

Kathrin is an active member of the LEP Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing Business Group.

David Bent


Jim Campbell

Sutherland Campbell International

Julie Collins

Renishaw Plc

Julie is responsible for building the pipeline of engineers to work at Renishaw. She and her team work with schools and universities to encourage them to consider engineering as a career and Renishaw as a destination.

Julie has a Masters in coaching and mentoring, is a fellow of The Career Development Institute and a member of the CIPD.

Julie is an active member of the LEP Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing Business Group.

Roman Cooper

Allcoopers Ltd

Roman is CEO at Allcooper Ltd, a leading security installation and fire safety firm. He leads on Skills for Gloucestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership. Roman has risen through the ranks of the family firm and took over the mantle of Chief Executive in 2004, having started as an apprentice just three months after the family firm was established in 1987. Allcooper was voted Coutts Family Business of the Year and has a string of industry awards. Roman is also Board member of Crimestoppers.

Nigel Cottell

Moog Aircraft Group

Nigel is an active member of the LEP Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing Business Group.

Carrie Dailly

Truturn Precision Engineering

Since leaving university, Carrie explored a career in Financial Services, but a move from London to Gloucestershire led to her join Truturn as Sales Manager in October 2014. Whilst this is a new industry, she feels that she can bring a new perspective on the industry and is committed to bringing Truturn to a new modern culture whilst preserving the values which have caused the company to be so successful over the past 30 years.

Brian Davies

Springfield Engineering

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