Whistleblowing Policy

GFirst LEP is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability in the delivery of its services. We do not tolerate any such malpractice, abuse or wrongdoing and invite employees and others whom we deal with who have concerns about what is happening at work to come forward and voice those concerns. GFirst LEP encourages a free and open culture in its dealings between its officers, employees and all people with whom it engages in business and legal relations. In particular, we recognise that effective and honest communication is essential if malpractice is to be effectively dealt with and GFirst LEP success is ensured.

To encourage a culture of openness and allow employees with serious concerns to blow the whistle, we have a whistleblowing procedure/policy to encourage and protect our staff. We do not tolerate any harassment or victimisation (including informal pressures) and will take appropriate action to protect whistle blowers who raise a concern in good faith. 

If you are unsure whether to use this procedure or require independent advice at any stage, you may contact Public Concern at Work, the whistleblowing charity see www.pcaw.org.uk

For more information on this policy, please contact our Office Manager – lynn.stacey@gfirstlep.com

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