• Business and Professional Services

As a collective representation of the professional services in the county, to act collaboratively to review and feedback on GFirst LEP pipeline project proposals for consideration of future funding opportunities.

  • Act as a ‘critical friend’ to LEP project proposals prior to funding being agreed.
  • To assist in the development and implementation of the county’s Local Industrial Strategy.
  • To offer an accurate representation of digital and softer skills within the county, and illustrate their application into all business environments.
  • Contribute to achieving the aims and objectives of GFirst LEP, with the themes of Investment, Connection, Promotion and Skills.

Chair: Matthew Clayton - Willans LLP
GFirst LEP Board Member: Currently vacant
Clive Lewis – Achieving the Difference LLP
Paul Owen – Angus Day LLP
Fiona Spencer – Fiona Spencer Ltd
Vikki Walters – Gloucestershire County Council
Bryan Stiles – Ex-HSBC
Luan Wise – Luan Wise Marketing
Vanessa Coates – Prosser-Knowles
Will Abbott - Randall & Payne
Richard Dalziel - RCD Solutions Ltd

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