• Cyber Tech

To support the key Government objective of making the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business.
To develop Cheltenham as the ‘cyber cradle’ within Gloucestershire, ensuring cyber-tech start-ups are surrounded with the knowledge and expertise to grow here, capitalising on the world-class Cyber-tech institutions in the county.

  • To offer specialist cyber-tech support to the development of the UK's first cyber-centric business park: Cyber Central, ensuring opportunities for investment are utilised.
  • Helping to deliver the cyber-tech ambitions detailed in the county's Local Industrial Strategy for Gloucestershire: offering access to high quality digital connectivity and developing cyber tech skills capabilities
  • Work with the GFirst education, skills and employment teams to identify cyber-tech skills capabilities, and to encourage and help facilitate a specialist skills pipeline.
  • To offer other business groups support and advice with online business security, working with sectors to maintain a proactive approach to online safety. 
  • To assist the Local Authorities in the development of a cyber strategy for the county, taking into considerations the wider ambitions of the UK's cyber and digital strategy whilst utilising the sector's own strengths.


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