• Cyber Security

To support the key Government objective of making the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business in cyberspace, resilient to cyber-attack and better able to protect our interests, helping to shape an open, vibrant and stable cyberspace that supports open societies.
To take advantage of the UK’s existing capabilities and ‘brand’ in cyber security to build a successful and competitive knowledge-based industry to exploit the need for cyber security in the UK and other countries.

Map the key headquarters and delivery locations of cyber security providers in the county and work with them through the Growth Hub to raise awareness of the need for cyber security.

Work with the Scheme Promoter of the Cheltenham Cyber Park to achieve their aim of opening the UK’s first dedicated hub to support the growth and development of existing and new cyber security business, research and skills by 2021.

Work with Tech Nation to demonstrate that Cheltenham is ideally placed to warrant becoming a leading cluster as it brings together the best technology minds from local SME’s and Start-ups to fully harness the rich cyber security ecosystem that flourishes around Cheltenham, the home of the National Technical Authority for Information Security and GCHQ.

Identify the needs of businesses working in the cyber security sector, including skills and talent supply, and help facilitate solutions that will contribute to the economic growth of the county.

Support SMEs in understanding their market opportunities and foster links between SME suppliers to develop their reach and knowledge in the cyber security sector.

Expand initiatives to encourage more SME involvement in Government work.

Improve SMEs’ exploitation of HE and FE research knowledge, IP and skillsets.

Build alliances, partnerships or even mergers to achieve scale.


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