• LEP Governance

GFirst LEP is committed to accountability and transparency of decision-making.

Our Assurance Framework covers how our board is formed and governed, how our decisions are made and how our programmes are funded and managed. The Assurance Framework also provides the Government with assurance that the LEP is operating correctly. Our Articles of Association explain our purpose as well as our duties and responsibilities.


Articles of Association

Assurance Framework

Assurance Framework Annex A 

Assurance Framework Annex C  

Assurance Framework Annex D  

Assurance Framework Annex F  

S151 Officer Assurance Statement 

S151 Officer Letter of Assurance 

Code of Conduct

Confidential Reporting Guidance

Conflict of Interest Policy 

Equality and Diversity Statement 

GFirst LEP Delivery Plan 2022/23

Gift, Hospitality & Expenses Register

Privacy Policy 

Publicity Requirements 

Whistleblowing Policy

Year End Accounts  

Register of Interests  

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