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Our Business Groups are the ‘engine-room’ – its members drive the decisions and projects to create jobs, and make sure that we spend funding on the areas that need it most.

In these uncertain times, we have had to change the way we live and work. Now more than ever, the voice of business is vitally important to us and to Government. To ensure that we listen and disseminate what Gloucestershire Businesses are saying, business groups will take place virtually for the next few months. We will use these opportunities to seek business intelligence on:

a) how COVID-19 is impacting individual businesses and business sectors, 

b) the impacts across supply, demand and labour markets,

c) actions being taken by firms to address these impacts, and

d) if you think there are any gaps in the Government response from specific industry perspectives.

If you are not part of our business groups, and would like to feedback on how COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted on your business and your industry, please drop an email to our Business Group Manager elizabeth.weaver@gfirstlep.com 

We have been pushing out communications daily, with advice and guidance to businesses. Please pass these onto your contacts for any businesses who need answers - our Business Support Questionnaire will ensure they are given the right support from a Growth Hub Business Guide:

Please click here for Business Support.

The Government is supporting businesses and their employees through a package of measures during this period of unprecedented disruption. Find the right support, guidance and information to help with the impact on your business:

Please click here for Business Guidance.


If you’d like to help us in strengthening the economy of Gloucestershire, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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