Business confidence is up in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire LEP’s Quarterly Business Survey, which was sent to 6,000 county firms, asked them about the outlook of their business, current issues and how the LEP can help them.

The LEP, which brings together businesses to make the county successful and create jobs, found that that compared to the last quarter business confidence was up with 85 per cent of Gloucestershire companies saying that the outlook of their business will improve or remain steady over the next three months.

The study also found that 93 per cent are actively recruiting or are looking to replace staff, with 84 per cent of businesses wanting more investment in skills provision.

The LEP will use the information to look at its priorities and as evidence for in its role as the Government’s direct link to business. David Owen, chief executive of GFirst LEP, said: “The results from our Quarterly Business Survey in April are very pleasing. Last quarter there was a dip in confidence but a number of our businesses are now looking to recruit more staff and invest. “The survey also showed that businesses are keen for investment to be made in a number of areas. This is something that the LEP will be looking at as we build our Growth Plan for Gloucestershire.”

The Gloucestershire LEP Quarterly Business Survey was launched in October 2012 and will be issued every three months to help the LEP represent the needs of local business better and to secure the investments that are badly needed in skills, infrastructure, support to business, access to finance and innovation.

GFirst LEP has been tasked by the Government to develop a long-term Growth Plan for Gloucestershire in line with the National Growth Strategy. It will forecast the challenges that have to be faced to boost the county’s economy and employment by 2025. If you would like to receive Gloucestershire LEP’s Quarterly Business Survey or find out more about GFirst LEP please email

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