Cotswolds bakery Huffkins congratulated by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson on securing first export sale in Germany

Canadian retailer, Denninger’s, has placed an immediate order for 600 of the Cotswolds based bakery’s award winning Cranberry and Cointreau fruitcake, to be delivered in time to satisfy Christmas sales demand.

There has been further strong interest from buyers in Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Philippines) and across Europe.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson launched the ‘Food is GREAT’ campaign at Anuga with the aim of stimulating the export of British food and drink, and to encourage 100,000 more UK companies, particularly SMEs, to export their products.

Having met with Joshua and Jacob Taee of Huffkins at Anuga, Mr Paterson said:

"I’m thrilled that Huffkins are expanding their sales on the global stage. It’s a credit to all their hard work. This is exactly the sort of entrepreneurship that I’m keen to support.

British food and drink is renowned across the world for its quality. With surging population growth and demand for western products, there are huge opportunities for our producers to use this recognition to tap into established and emerging markets abroad."

Joshua Taee, Managing Director of Huffkins praised the support of both DEFRA and UKTI and said:

"We are delighted to join the ranks of British exporters and owe thanks to both DEFRA and UKTI that we are now gathering global attention. Owen Paterson has vastly improved the profile of British food abroad and UKTI has offered us invaluable support throughout the process."

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