GFirst LEP looks to boost tourism in the Cotswolds for next year and beyond

As the Cotswolds Tourism industry celebrates a warm summer and a busier season than ever, local tourism businesses and support organisations have commenced a review of how support to this vital industry is organised across the area to increase further tourism and boost the local economy.

To look at how tourism to the Cotswolds can be increased and further supported, GFirst LEP is coordinating a Destination Management Plan that will identify how the Cotswold’s area of outstanding natural beauty can become one of England’s most important and leading destinations in line with Visit England’s approach to tourism.

David Owen, Chief Executive, GFirst LEP said: “As part of our Growing Gloucestershire campaign, tourism is a vital part of our local economy.  This important piece of work will be coordinated by our Tourism Sector Group to consult with businesses and local authorities right across the Cotswolds area to see how we can further improve and support the tourism industry in the form of an ambitious plan that will identify how visitors understand, book and visit the Cotswolds, what services are on offer to visitors, how the area is promoted (including how the Cotswolds interacts with neighbouring destinations) and how any negative aspects of tourism are managed.”

Rob Rees, the Cotswold Chef, chairs the working party, commented:  “Businesses from Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and other corners of the Cotswolds are paid up members of existing Cotswolds Tourism partnership and great progress has already been made.  However, in the past, there have always been political difficulties and rivalries to overcome but  GFirst LEP is free from any political ties and is well placed to simply ask what’s best for business, visitors and the Cotswolds?”

Those with an interest and views on the subject are invited to feedback direct to who is coordinating the plan by the end of the first week in September 2013.

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