Gloucestershire businesses: think global, act local-redefine your values

Is it time your business thinks differently about resources and outcomes? Are Gloucestershire businesses working effectively together?

Is your business progressively learning?

Complete with case studies, and key messages from Gloucestershire businesses, this event, to be held in person at the Gloucester Growth Hub, University of Gloucestershire Business School will focus on thinking differently about rallying together. Offering businesses the chance to learn from others and make the changes needed for a values based economy and a more inclusive future.

What you will learn:

The importance of multi level cross sector partnerships to improve social and sustainable value outcomes and better thinking about resources - thinking outside of your usual networks to find the answers.

Using new resources for richer outcomes, benefitting not only you, but communities, people, and the planet.

Who is this aimed at:

Businesses: understand the differences between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG). How to move away from silos and departments and what's next for consumer and business behaviour. The gap between brands' claims and the action they take - and what this does to damage trust and engagement. How the voluntary and community sector can minimise risk and make a difference to your bottom line: understand how their engagement in your business can be a key asset, not just a 'nice to have' relationship.

Charities: understand how your skills can empower and educate businesses (not the other way round), and your role within the new purpose-led business landscape. Understand what businesses want and need and how to make this happen for mutually beneficial outcomes.


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