Gloucestershire Careers Hub to help transform careers education and support skills for covid recovery

Expansion of proven model supporting young people with their career decisions and the post-covid local skills agenda. Overall, more than 2,200 schools and colleges are to be covered by Careers Hubs – nearly half of all the state sector. Initially, at least 35 schools and colleges will be part of the new GFirst Careers Hub.

Gloucestershire is part of a new wave of Careers Hub expansion announced by the Department for Education and The Careers & Enterprise Company, extending coverage in local communities across England and will be delivered by GFirst LEP.

The GFirst Careers Hub will be made up of local schools and colleges working together with universities and training providers.

Schools and colleges have access to support and funding, including an expert ‘Hub Lead’ to help coordinate activity and build networks, a central fund to support employer engagement activities, and training for a ‘Careers Leader’ in each school and college.

The impact of Careers Hubs on the careers support young people receive has been profound since the first hubs started in September 2018, covering 710 schools. That number grew to 1,300 schools in 2019.

Working through a partnership approach with schools, colleges, employers, local enterprise partnerships and other local organisations, Careers Hubs have accelerated levels of support and improvement in young people’s career development.

More than 2,200 schools in communities across country will now be in a Careers Hub – nearly half of all state sector schools and colleges. In 11 regions, all schools and colleges will now be covered by a Careers Hub.

Careers Hubs have been at the forefront of efforts to respond to the initial period of lockdown, continuing to offer young people support with their career decision making. They were key partners in the recent national on-line virtual work experience week with CEC, Oak National Academy and Learn Live, where over 100,000 young people gained insights to a range of sectors through digital platforms.

The proven Careers Hub model will now play a critical role in supporting local skills development, and as key responses to  LEP economic recovery plans.

Driven nationally by the Careers & Enterprise Company, Hubs deliver locally, informed by local skills needs and tailored to respond to developments in local job markets.

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