Invest in Gloucestershire launches new Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing proposition

The Invest in Gloucestershire initiative has showcased that the county is set to be at the centre of global green and digital innovation with the launch of a new Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing proposition.

Gloucestershire has a long and proud history of innovation with the invention of Frank Whittle’s jet engine. This legacy has continued to gain momentum as the county’s businesses remain at the forefront of technology across advanced engineering & manufacturing, including aerospace, agri-tech and renewables.

The proposition will signal Gloucestershire as a key location for businesses looking to develop sustainable technologies. This is further endorsed by the strong talent pool, with access to over 337,000 students within a 90-minute radius and a focus on the development of a digital and science skills base.

Engineering and manufacturing is a sector worth £2.8 billion to the county and employs over 35,000 people in Gloucestershire. As we rapidly utilise new digital technology and seek to develop greener products and services, the county’s firms continue to innovate.

Giant steps in aerospace technology have already been made here in hydrogen and battery powered flight innovation with industry pioneers ZeroAvia and also ground-breaking materials and renewable technologies with companies such as Versarien, Renishaw and Spirax-Sarco Engineering. The future of sustainable flight and materials production has a firm foot established here in Gloucestershire.

Phil Clement, Head of Inward Investment at GFirst LEP commented ‘This powerful promotional material will allow the inward investment team to highlight Gloucestershire’s strengths to the international business community, attracting further innovative engineering and manufacturing companies to the county, and the new job opportunities this will bring’.

Andrew Graves, Head of Green-Tec, Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc said: ‘The local opportunity for existing and next-generation technical talent who want to dedicate their careers to delivering innovation and more importantly environmental change is huge. It’s an exciting time to be in Engineering’.

The proposition will be launched at the Farnborough Air Show on July 18th and will be pushed out to international audiences to showcase what our green and innovative county has to offer businesses.

Download your copy of the proposition here

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