Students go green at University of Gloucestershire to drive sustainable economic growth

Representing 10,000 students in the county, the Students’ Union at the University of Gloucestershire have secured Government funding of £300,000 for a project that will bring students, businesses and local communities to work together in innovative ways to drive economic growth in a green and sustainable way.

Working closely with the National Union of Students, the Royal Agricultural University and other colleges in the county and with local communities, businesses and sports clubs, students aim to champion practical and exciting ways to raise awareness of environmental and green initiatives to drive sustainable economic growth. 

The Students’ Union leading the proposal to secure funding, identified a number of exciting projects whereby students will act as agents of change to drive business development opportunities. By championing the creation of an online sustainability hub for businesses and community to groups to exchange ideas and source information online, students will also be looking at innovative ways in which sports can be more environmentally friendly both on-campus as well as in local clubs. Engaging with local businesses across the county, students will also be raising awareness of environmental issues and how businesses can become greener in their business practices.

Tom Newman, Student Opportunities Manager, Students’ Union, University of Gloucestershire said: “Our aim is to make sustainability a social norm in our University as well as increasing the profile of students by enabling them to become change agents for local businesses. This exciting project seeks to take on the challenge of reaching out to students who are yet to engage with sustainability issues. We really want to bring sustainability and environmental issues into the student learning experience and we can achieve this by repositioning the role of students as active partners to effect change in sustainability.

In terms of credentials, the University is well placed for this project as we are recognised as a leading University in sustainability, recently achieving 3rd place in the People and Planet Green League.”

David Owen, Chief Executive, GFirst LEP added: “Although this is a complex initiative, it has a simple idea at heart – matching sustainability and business development in Gloucestershire, with students being the main agents of change. I’m absolutely delighted that the University has been successful with securing funding for this exciting project, which I am sure will make a real difference.”

If you’d like to help us in strengthening the economy of Gloucestershire, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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