Trade partnership signed between Chinese government officials and Gloucestershire business leaders

An agreement was signed yesterday that creates an investment, trade and business cooperation partnership between Gloucestershire and the Wuhou District of China.

This agreement will raise the profile of Gloucestershire in China as a great place to live, work, invest and visit; and it will give Gloucestershire firms an advantage in business relationships with Chinese organisations.

Six senior Government officials from Chengdu City in the Wuhou District of China visited Gloucester on 21st August hosted by GFirst LEP (the local enterprise partnership for Gloucestershire), Gloucestershire County Council and Join in China (a Gloucestershire business dedicated to simplifying trade with China).

GFirst LEP, Gloucestershire County Council and Join in China will be working closely with the Wuhou District Government officials over the coming months. They aim to facilitate a visit to Gloucestershire by a delegation of Chinese business leaders to explore opportunities with Gloucestershire firms.

David Owen, Chief Executive, GFirst LEP said: “China is expected to become the world’s largest consumer market globally in the next five years. This partnership agreement is an important milestone to helping small and medium sized businesses break into the Chinese market, or open or expand offices there.  We will continue to work closely with Join in China to continue discussions with our visitors and unlock opportunities for future collaboration with Chinese firms.”

“Supporting trade with China will help to drive sustainable economic growth in the county. Promoting Gloucestershire overseas plays an important part in GFirst LEP’s strategic growth plan and our Growing Gloucestershire campaign.”

Qing Lin, an Ambassador of GFirst LEP and Director of Join in China, volunteered her time to facilitate the visit.

Chengdu is designated as China’s Western centre for logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub for transportation and communication industries. It is also an important base for manufacturing and agriculture. It has a population of 14 million.

During their visit, the Chinese delegation learned about the Strategic Growth Plan for Growing Gloucestershire and the diverse range of business and economic opportunities that the county offers. The delegates also met Chris Chatterton, Mayor of Gloucester, and Richard Graham MP for Gloucester, as well as enjoying afternoon tea at Gloucester cathedral and hearing a series of presentations about tourism and transportation in the county.

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